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I live in a world of wonder.
I'm in awe every single day.

(This living Document is a reflection of self, a reflection of things I am, and of things I wish to become.)

Things I Like              Things I Admire              And Things I Regret

LIKE:           Seeing what people create with their own hands and minds.
ADMIRE:     People that fill their homes with the art they love, and the art they create.
REGRET:     Not spending enough time creating my own art-or even enough time to determine what that art would be.

LIKE:           Enjoying the company of friends
ADMIRE:     People that are comfortable and casual in social settings
REGRET:     Never being comfortable enough to practice, and not practicing enough to become comfortable.

LIKE:           Children
ADMIRE:     Parents that really try to raise happy, healthy, thoughtful children.
REGRET:     Waiting too long to take action. My children will never know my grandparents, and that hurts a little.



I like topical discussion.
I like to probe deeply.
I've moments of inflated self-esteem, and moments of overwhelming insecurities.
I like art, but I've never bought any.
I like style, but I don't have any.
I'm still idealistic.
I believe in laws.
The word “God” means many things to me, but it does not mean “creator”.
I like people that challenge me to be better.
I accept punishment for what I've done that is wrong.
I'll call you on it.
Reading manuals is nearly impossible for me.
I believe that people are more complex than you or I will ever know.
I believe that our interactions are more complex than you or I will ever know.
I believe the world is more complex than you or I will ever know.
There are reasons for everything…I try to remember that.
I'm more apt to help you, than to help myself.
I've not yet found my way in this world.


More Later....

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